lithium battery powered car

Story of Lithium – All you need to know before Investing in Lithium Business

Lithium-Ion batteries have been used in various devices for a long time. The recent technological advances in electric vehicles (EV) have shifted the presence of the batteries and lithium as a commodity to much higher level. Since an emergence of Teslas and other e-cars, e-bikes, e-skateboards, e-surfs, e-whatever; demand for lithium has been constantly rising…

copper cock

Copper Update – Levels to Watch

Copper price has dropped in recent months after the tariffs kicked in. A stock market is obviously worried that China as a top copper consumer will face a decreased growth and thus, a lower demand. However, the industry analysts believe that China’s demand will remain strong. On the other hand, there have been quite a…


Why Are Marijuana Stocks Dropping?

Why are marijuana stocks dropping right now and what shall we do about that? The year 2017 was an extraordinary year for cannabis stocks, many of them doubled, tripled, quadrupled; the big caps like TSE: WEED or TSE: ACB started to record significant revenue increases while lowering production costs. From a trading perspective, the cannabis…