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Beating Market with Gold Stocks

After a stock market crash in March, the investors are now afraid of everything. While bulls are hoping for V-type of recovery rationalizing the power of quantitative easing, the bears are explaining the future price curve with disappointing upcoming statistics. I am going to focus on what is certain and what is doing better than…

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Bull, Bear, Recession or What?

S&P 500 landed on a very famous moving average – 200 SMA – yesterday what serves as an important support level recognized on the daily charts. Naturally, a stock market reacts to the positive/negative news in short-term and thus, this level will unlikely hold. The yield on the 10-year Treasury bond fell to a 20-month…


Defensive Play with PPL Corp.

The longest ever bull market has been experiencing corrections last year and even though it has recovered now, the investors are not that confident anymore. A general doubt about the economy future performance makes people change their positions within a stock market in favor of more certain holdings. In the current market cycle level, which…

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Another Market Correction Ahead?

Well, well, well… The S&P 500 made it back on the TOP! The stock market hit its resistance level yesterday. While everybody is getting amused by politicians playing around the monetary games, before the bubble can continue, we might have another correction ahead – at least a significant pullback. Below is our well-known market review…


History of Canopy Growth in Patterns

It is not a secret that Canopy Growth (WEED:TO) is one of the most successful cannabis companies. The early investors have definitely enjoyed a share price rise during the last years and more people are still entering this young industry in general. Such a big firm as Canopy Growth has been experiencing quite a high…

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Watch Out For Pot Stocks Profit Taking

In the very beginning of this year, the weed stocks found their bottom and changed their trend direction north! Trade Via Trend was quite ahead of this and posted a nice article about investing in a marijuana sector. In long-term, the cannabis industry is absolutely going up. However, in short-term, we might be ahead of…