Bear entered a Gold Mine?

Gold is a fantastic hedge when market is facing various cases of uncomfortable truths bracing troubled economies. We’ve been in a bull gold market for 6 years, however, the price is now going sideways. Considering the FED is increasing the rates big time, the real inflation is not going to be significant enough for gold…

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Time to go long or not?

There is a lot of news about inflation, FED’s rate hike or war, which surely have an impact current stock market. However, before going to the details and complex elaborations, here is simple view for an ordinary investor to decide whether to start buying shares again or no. Without analyzing these topics, this chart is…

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Update on Gold

The market has recently pulled back and unfortunately its support did not hold, which increases a likelihood of further dip. As you can see below, the S&P 500 crashed its support level ( orange line ) and will now search for new support. I don’t know if it’s going to be one of the moving…


Beating Market with Gold Stocks

After a stock market crash in March, the investors are now afraid of everything. While bulls are hoping for V-type of recovery rationalizing the power of quantitative easing, the bears are explaining the future price curve with disappointing upcoming statistics. I am going to focus on what is certain and what is doing better than…

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