Xcerra Corp. – Trend Following

Semiconductors are in trend, there’s no doubt about that, and while the superstars such as Intel or Micron are skyrocketing, other smaller companies are following this trend. One of them is a small-cap: Xcerra Corporation (NASDAQ: XCRA). In my previous article I have anticipated a trendy behavior of top semiconductor ETF – VanEck Vectors Semiconductor…

semiconductor trend following

Centene Corp. – Trend Following

The major stock market indexes are dealing with their resistances at the moment. Apple helped to bring Nasdaq and Dow higher since it makes a considerably big portion of each. Whether it goes up more or not, since it’s quite overbought now doesn’t really matter. Because the influence was done, the healthy stocks even in…

healthcare trend following

Medreleaf Corp. – Pot Stocks Trading

One month to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada remaining! A few pot firms are really well prepared. One of them is MedReleaf Corp. (LEAF.TO).   It is still questionable whether it will really happen in June, because of political disputes and discussions suggesting to postpone the legalization. Nevertheless, sooner or later it will…

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