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Watch Out For Pot Stocks Profit Taking

In the very beginning of this year, the weed stocks found their bottom and changed their trend direction north! Trade Via Trend was quite ahead of this and posted a nice article about investing in a marijuana sector. In long-term, the cannabis industry is absolutely going up. However, in short-term, we might be ahead of…

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Real Market Rally or Christmas Fling?

A last month of 2018 was definitely the ugliest from whole year. No wonder, we got another correction and technical beginning of bear market. Pre-Christmas trading was the scariest since I don’t even remember when. This article from MarketWatch shows the fancy figures and pictures about that. On the other hand, the last week of…


Are Pot Stocks Still In Consolidation?

The Pot Stocks Are Still In Consolidation! Cannabis stocks have been riding a wild rollercoaster this year. Legalization in Canada and increasing public awareness in the US is pushing the companies’ valuations to the extreme levels. Nevertheless, it is the most speculative industry on the financial market this year and thus, the prices go up…

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